Conduct human behavior experiments with this research simulator

If human psychology drives you and you want to explore much more of this fascinating creation, we have brought to you a research simulator that can help you with the entire process. If you remember a time when you conducted experiments using physical resources, then you should also remember the constraints and the issues revolving around the simulation of certain factors in the go. However, the solution is here as the newly created research simulator allows you to manually feed the conditions and set the parameters to find human behavior while driving or learning to drive.

research simulator

This simulator is absolutely programmable with fully interactive hardware that not only helps you to conduct a seamless experiment but also provides you with factors that you can analyze to find a particular pattern.

Conduct an experiment and analyze the data efficiently

There are different experiments that you can conduct using this research simulator for driving. The integrated domains where you can study human behavior under various circumstances are as follows:

  • Experimental psychology: there are different factors that contribute to the test and with the help of this simulator, you can alter the factors and study the attention level, vigilance, effects of workload on the driver, and perception of the individuals.
  • Social Psychology: you can measure the different activities and parameters that affect driving behavior. Based on the data, you can conduct statistical analysis and conclude some measures to check on the influential factors.
  • Clinical psychology: this branch deals with exposure to phobias and anxieties while driving. Having proper knowledge of the level of phobia can help you generate pieces of evidence to relate the parameters with the influence of driving and can reduce accidents.
  • Pharmacology: it studies the training and learning of the driver’s fitness and the influence of alcohol and other drugs on the driving pattern. This helps the training schools to mentor the drivers aptly and restrict the use of alcohol and drugs while or before driving.

There are other studies as well which you can conduct using this research simulator. Moreover, the cost of the software and hardware are kept at minimal so that any research group can afford to find ground-breaking conclusions to the human psychology while driving and curtail the increasing number of accidents to a minimum.

This will help your group to list the findings and create publications essential to the psychology community as well as the human community as a whole. These valuable contributions can also help the training schools to impart adequate knowledge to the trainee drivers to learn and practice safe driving.